Settlement services

A whole range of banking services for small and medium businesses.

Advantages if you open account with ANORBANK

24/7 service and maintenance of accounts.

Remote management of accounts and operations.

Document management with no bank visiting.

Flexible and clear tariffs for the needs of any business.

OverNight Deposit

Your business bank account can generate 8% additional profit.

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Select the rates that is best for your business.

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Accounts, cards, online transactions, electronic document management. Free of charge and with no bank visiting — 24/7

Payroll programme

Open a payroll programme n ANORBANK even if you have account in another bank.


Corporate cards

Your business funds are always with you.

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Foreign currency accounts

Have your currencies purchase, sale, and transfers transactions online.

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1C integration

Automated data exchange for the convenience of your accountant.

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"AnorKassa" virtual cash register

Use all the necessary functions to conduct business.


Electronic document management

The only reason to visit us is that we will be very happy to see you.

  • Bank's services enabling/disabling
  • Bilateral signing of contracts electronically between the bank and the client
  • All correspondence with the bank is online

Open a current account for free for 1 day

We will deliver the completed documents at your place anytime.

We will help you select a tariff with best conditions for your business.

We will activate all the necessary additional services.

We will advise you on working with online banking.

Business settlement services in your computer and smartphone

Online account opening, tariff management, cards ordering, payroll programme opening, 1C integration, electronic document management, etc., are available in ANORBANK online banking.


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