Mission and Values

We offer comfortable conditions for people who know the value of time and used to be mobile. We are growth-oriented and strive to be the best in our profession.

The Bank's vision - Become a preferred financial partner for everyone.

Business culture values


The time brushes through impetuously. Technologies change, new opportunities appear. The needs and requirements of our clients are changing. We don't stand aside and monitor changes so that the quality of our services always meet the call of the times.


We work diligently to improve and develop specific solutions and important innovations. We are constantly looking for new ideas. Our constant desire to expand our knowledge is a way for new opportunities to create new products and services. Our goal is to be the first and always one step ahead!


We always come clean, sincerely explain our actions and solutions to both clients and employees. We appreciate everyone's opinion and consider it when developing new products. We are always ready to provide the necessary information to all interested parties to take coordinated decisions in an open, complete, timely and understandable manner. We have no bureaucratic or any other artificial barriers.


We are able and capable to independently and timely take fateful decisions and insistently implement them. We admit responsibility for the decisions made.

New Anorbank App

The App offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, new functions and features, and increased speed of operation.

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