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Car loan for Citroen cars

French cars on credit from 13% per annum

Car loan for Citroen cars

Mortgage for business

Acquire residential and non-residential property on credit to establish or expand your business on favourable conditions

Mortgage for business

Business support

A financial solution to achieve big goals

Business support

Car for business

Optimal decision for buying a car

Car for business

Transaction account

Go in deficit zero balance on your account

Transaction account

Line of credit for current assets

Pay off your credit on time and replenish it for reuse

Line of credit for current assets

Line of credit for investment purposes

Credit for those who create or scale their business

Line of credit for investment purposes

Credits for any purpose with no bank visiting

Electronic document management

Minimum package of documents

Transparent rates with no hidden fees

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  • Different credit products for different business purposes in different currencies and only one agreement
  • Find out a preliminary decision with no account opening - an application and a minimum set of documents are only needed
  • Use the line of credit as needed and at your own discretion under the term of agreement
  • Interest is accrued only on the used credit product. The rest is available without unnecessary payments and charges
  • Credit payment schedule is formed not from the date of the agreement conclusion, but by the date of the credit issuance
  • Number of trenches under one line of credit is unlimited. Use the bank's funds at your discretion

A whole range of business banking in your computer and smartphone

Online-banking at ANORBANK provides remote management of all banking operations with a convenient and intuitive interface


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Fill out an application for the credit through the Remote Service channels, attach scanned copies of all necessary documents and send them to the bank by pressing a button.

If the customer's package of documents is full and there are no comments from the bank, the bank will consider the application for a credit up to 10 days depending on the planned project specifics.

You can see the full list of documents required for the bank to receive the credit on the official information resources of the bank.

The bank accepts liquid collateral (real and personal property) as the credit support, as well as other collateral provided for by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Credit funds can be spent on the development and expansion of entrepreneurial activities, including the acquisition of fixed and circulating assets.

The credit is repaid according to the schedule agreed between the customer and the bank.

Outstanding credit amounts result in overdue debt, which is the subject for higher interest rates and penalty.

The bank will recover the credit at the expense of collateral.

A credit product is a program of cooperation with a customer developed and approved by the bank, which provides credit granting.

Information about the bank's credit products is available on all information resources of the bank.

Credit reputation is a dossier on you as a borrower. It reports how much and when you borrowed. It specifies the way you paid (on time or delayed). It tells, if you applied to other banks. A favorable credit reputation increases the chances for credit receipt.

A part of credit provided to the borrower under the loan agreement.

The term of the tranche depends on the credit line. For example, a credit line for investment purposes requires up to 36 months. The working one requires 18 months.

Any individual or legal entity.

Yes, we do. We come, inspect and photograph the collateral object. The meeting takes no more than half an hour.

No, it won't. The owner of the collateral object does not change, there is only ban imposed. This means, that the object can not be sold or leased with no bank's consent.

Collateral is a guarantee that the bank will receive money even if the borrower does not repay the credit. In case of delayed payments or refusal to repay the debt, the bank is entitled to sue and demand the collection of a collateral object against the debt.

Collection of a collateral object is an extreme measure. It is more profitable for the bank to receive money from the borrower and not waste time dealing with the object of collateral.

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