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You can apply for a card through the corporate website, contact center, online banking and ANORBANK mobile application.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Only customers-legal entities that have an account at ANORBANK can use corporate card, regardless of the form of incorporation. The card issues to the representatives of the company.

Corporate card is issued to your current account at the bank and you do not need to open a new current account. You can issue as many cards as your business requires. For example, if you have several employees, you can issue a card for each employee separately.

According to the regulatory document No. 2342 dated March 15, 2012, when the main current account is blocked, the corporate card is blocked accordingly and it is impossible to use it until account unblocking.

According to the regulatory document No. 1470 dated April 18, 2005, the corporate card is replenished only from the main current account.

All operations on account crediting can be controlled by the remote banking system and by means of the SMS informing service.

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