Bank's Details

Full name of the Bank Joint-stock company «ANOR BANK»
Brief name of the Bank JSC «ANOR BANK»
Legal address 4, Sayram street 5th driveway, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent, 100170, Uzbekistan
TIN 207324986
Bank local code (MFO) 01183

Transit accounts for sum cards:

Transit accounts for replenishing the card of “ANOR BANK” JSC with cash through another bank:

for the Uzcard cards 23116000200001183001
for the Humo cards 23116000500001183200
for the Mastercard (ANOR BLACK) cards 23116000700001183500

Transit accounts for replenishment of "ANOR BANK" JSC by cash through accounts 20206, 20406, 20606, or from card of another bank:

for the Uzcard cards 23118000300001183008
for the Humo cards 23118000600001183207
for the Mastercard (ANOR BLACK) cards 23118000500001183500

Transit accounts for cashless replenishment of "ANOR BANK" JSC card through accounts of legal entities and budget organizations:

for the Uzcard cards 23120000700001183001
for the Humo cards 23120000000001183200
for the Mastercard (ANOR BLACK) cards 23120000100001183500

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