Payroll programme

Free for employees and customers.

  1. Submit your request online
  2. Income of employees - 10% per annum
  3. Delivery of cards anytime anywhere

Advantages of ANORBANK's payroll programme

Noncommittal account opening

You just need to send copy of employees' IDs.

Free issue and delivery of cards

Mobile bank representatives will deliver cards to your employees.

Double benefits for your employees

When opening a current account, charges on the balance of payroll cards are doubled.

Open a payroll programme in ANORBANK even if your company has account in another bank

Your employees will enjoy TRIA cards benefits - profitable cashback, instant overdraft and interest on the balance.


6 reasons to open a payroll card in ANORBANK

Access to all ANORBANK services for your employees.

Cashback up to 25% when purchasing from ANORBANK partners.

Accrual 10% per annum on card balances.

Transfer of salaries to employees with no commission.

Funds management in a mobile application.

Possible purchases on credit.

Submit a request for callback and we will contact you

Answers to frequently asked questions

If you do not plan to use the card in the future, you can return it to the Bank. If you plan to use it, the Bank will transfer your card to the Tariff for individuals.

In case of loss / theft of your bankcard, you should immediately call the round-the-clock Contact Center at +99 ___________________, +99 __________________ to block the card. After personal identification, your card will be blocked. To do this, call from the phone number registered during bankcard receipt to any phone number of the contact center.

You can withdraw cash from your ANORBABK payroll card at any ATM.

You do not need to open a current account for the payroll programme, if this operation seems difficult or undesirable to you for some reason. See section 'Payroll Programme' to get acquainted with the procedure for registration of a payroll programme with no payment processing. Please fill out the application form and the bank employees will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information on the payroll programme for your company.

The funds are credited on the day they are received to the Bank's correspondent account according to the Contract.

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